Cyprus Architects and Engineers


Cyprus has a highly skilled body of civil engineers, architects and other professional, most of them educated in the UK and the US as well as in other European countries (to a lesser degree). All qualified civil engineers and architects are members of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber.

In order to practice the Building and Civil Engineering Contractors’ profession in the Republic of Cyprus, one needs to register at the Contractor’s Register and obtain an annual license by the Council for the Registration and Control of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors.

The term “contractor” refers to an individual, or body corporate, who by profession undertakes to execute or executes a building or civil engineering project(including the commissioning of labor only) against a specified sum or percentage remuneration or against any other lawful consideration except for a salary or for his own exploit or for any other use or purpose.

Specifically, the “civil engineering project” refers to the erection or construction, or extension, or alteration, or repair of any work, which technically belongs to the field of civil engineering and which is not a building project, and includes roadwork’s, the construction of bridges, tunnels, dams, drains, harbor works, airports, sewers, drainage, water and irrigation works, beach protection works, quarrying and mining works but does not include fencing and retaining wall constructions of a height not exceeding 150 cm, the digging out of ditches of up to 80 cm in depth and the laying out of pipes of less than 10 cm in diameter unless the Council deems that it is a civil engineering project of a specific class on account of the project’s nature and special features.

The Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ΕΤΕΚ or CCEAA) is the statutory Technical Advisor to the State and is the umbrella organization for all Cypriot Engineers. It is the official body in Cyprus that represents all qualified professional Architects and Civil Engineers, among others.

To find a qualified professional in the civil engineering or architectural field please visit their website: