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We constantly look for ways to improve our quality of service and differentiate ourselves from our competitors, by embracing new technology and any changes in the Real Estate industry of Cyprus. 
Our services include: 

Buying & Renting
We offer you the opportunity to buy your ideal property from more than 5,000 in all Cyprus. We offer a wide range of properties for sale or for rental, including luxurious villas, houses, apartments, offices, warehouses, hotels and land. 

Selling & Renting

Our experience and expertise in the property markets enable us to provide a very successful selling / renting option. Our property consultants will provide expert advice on how your property can be best managed and offer it to our wide client base which grows on a daily basis. 

Valuation Services

Our valuation department provides valuation service activities in order to inform any interested parties about the physical and legal characteristics of a property. 

Construction & Development
Our company has been dealing with developing & construction for years and has successfully built/developed residential and commercial buildings which retain their value over time, combining both functionality and elegance.

We can assist you in finding the right location and act as your project manager for the construction of your house, villa, or business space.

Expert Advice

We can also provide you with expert advice on the following issues: 
Services offered:

  • Looking after your property during your absence
  • Property insurance
  • Arrangement of  free Inspection Tours if you are happy with our properties and proceed with a purchase from our properties
  • Assistance in setting up, and registration of companies and representative offices
  • Legal services, auditing, accounting, taxation
  • Assistance in most government institutions in the country
  • Assistance in obtaining permanent residence permits or passport for non Cypriot Citizens purchase properties, according to the laws of the Republic of Cyprus in 2 months with bank guarantee, that we will refund your money if we do not succeed.
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts and advice on credit loans and mortgages
  • Connecting to a telephone, electricity, water, internet network, satellite antenna
  • Help with buying furniture, appliances, accessories, curtains, etc.
  • Customized repair and reconstruction
  • Help in preparation of interior design, landscaping, etc. to your site
  • Ask the expert a question 

Your query will be examined in the duration of a few hours.