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China Town Project

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Some Information’s About The Project

Project idea

China town’s land area is approximately 208,000 sq.m.

The development of a comprehensive community for the Chinese residents of Cyprus, including residential and cultural components.


At Larnaca, Cyprus, next to the airport and the intended major (possibly Chinese) investment there; and five minutes drive from the city centre and the sea.

Approximate estimate of total project cost


Note: A significant part of this amount shall be generated by sales etc; and the project may also be completed in phases.

Approximate estimate of total project value at completion


Approximate estimate of total time for project completion

36 months, including design and construction.

Project Components

Residential development – approximately 75,000 sq.m. of covered areas (gross, including auxiliary spaces) that make up approximately 500 apartments (one, two and three bedrooms).


Boutique hotel – Approximately 80 suites of a luxury standard equivalent to a 4-5 star hotel, including conference room, bar/restaurants etc.


Commercial Centre – Comprises approximately 18,000 gross sq.m. of shops, entertainment areas, recreational facilities and food beverage establishments.


School(s) & Cultural Centre – Houses a Chinese elementary school and a kinder garden of approximately 300 pupils; and acts also as cultural and educational centre.


Sports centre – Supportive to the school and cultural centre, but also open for community sports and other cultural events; also an amphitheatre.


Sports grounds – provide open air spaces for football, tennis, volleyball and other sports for the community and the school.


Playground – a large open area with playgrounds and surrounded by gardens, dedicated to families and not only.

Additional Land/Components

Subject to funding, it is possible to obtain additional land near the project to add components, possibly additional more high – end accommodation.

Outdoor Design and Component Configuration

Chinatown offers residents and guests the build and natural environment that will allow for true communal spirit, a wonderful family life and profound physical, mental and psychological convalescence (green areas, inspiring landscaping, water features, pedestrian paths, etc).

Environmentalism and Sustainability

The project shall achieve maximum energy conservation, utilization of renewable sources (solar, photovoltaic, geothermic, etc), water conservation and so on; and can be designed towards certification by internationally recognizable bodies (LEED etc).

A Business – oriented Design

The design fully bears into consideration the business aspects of the venture and the need for financial viability of the project. It consequently takes advantage of building coefficients to the maximum, centralizes services, targets synergies, considers construction economic factors and generally applies high quality architecture and project management into the business context; towards economic success


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